October 18, 2016

posted on: October 27, 2016 by Anthony Abeja.

Blog #1

So far, sophomore year has been treating me well (like, exceptionally well). The secret, you ask? Drum roll please… a great class schedule. Being able to create your schedule around your specific lifestyle is a major key for college. Because of the way my schedule is set up, I can do small tasks in the morning, attend classes and work midday, and then wrap up with homework and extracurricular activities in the evening. The key word is balance. Your grades will thank you!

Other than that, I’m excited to start working on the major film project for my Television, Radio, and Film class. I’m working with a group of about eight other students and, since this is our final project of the semester, it is going to be huge. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the script and we’re about to begin the production process soon. I’m going to be the sound designer, so I’m eager to get this project underway.

I also just took my geography midterm, which I’m feeling good about.  After completing the exam, we got our first paper back, which I’m proud to say I got an A on. I’m enjoying this particular class and it has even made me consider majoring in geo. But I still have other options to consider as far as declaring a major. There are so maaany options!