Anthony's Blog #3

posted on: November 15, 2016 by Anthony Abeja.

I am ready for Thanksgiving break. These past two weeks have been hectic with a tough workload. From essays to final projects and final exams, you could consider this crunch time.  This is when the semester has to be finished off strong. La LUCHA is still planning a few events before the end of the semester, so that has been keeping me busy as well.

But, with the end of one semester, there begins another. Selecting classes and registration is one of the most exciting times for me, and I think for other people as well. So far, I have enrolled in four classes including a TRF class, two geography classes, and one writing class. I want to try to incorporate another class into my schedule in order to make it 15 credits but I’m not sure which class to select. Most importantly, I want to be able to maintain a schedule that allows time for work-study, campus involvement, and leisure activities. CLASS-SELECTING TIP: Try to pick classes that knock off multiple requirements.

It’s surreal that the semester is almost over, and that I’ll be back home in Miami in about a month or so. I’ll be halfway through my sophomore year.