November 8, 2016

posted on: November 8, 2016 by Cait  Grimm.

It feels like its been 15 minutes since my last blog post. Time is just whipping by me, and the fact that Thanksgiving break starts next week has me feeling both exciting to get home and see my family, but also anxious about tying up loose ends at school before heading home. Not to mention I enroll in classes at the end of this week for my final semester ever at Syracuse (which is terrifying, exhilarating and unbelievably sad all at once)!!! But not to worry, I may sound stressed but I have plenty of fun things on the horizon. The first basketball game of the season is this Friday, and I also might venture to New York City this weekend! Plus, today is Election Day! Technically I sent in my absentee ballot last week, but this is the first election I've ever voted in, and the energy of today has been exciting nonetheless. 

Moreover, last week was filled with all kinds of fun things! On Friday, the band The 1975 came to Syracuse and performed at the Carrier Dome. I'm only a moderate fan, but most of my friends are HUGE fans of theirs, so it was really fun being at the concert with all of them. My best friend from home also visted last week, and I found out I did really well on all of my midterms! In all, even though this semester has been crazy busy, I'm really happy with the balance I've achieved between my academic and personal responsibilities so far, let's hope it continues!